Creativity + Technology =

Revolutionary Digital Solutions

A Philippine-based digital solutions company and art studio, Synergy88 Digital

aims to create truly revolutionary digital solutions through our six core values:


  1. Createchtivity
    We combine CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY to create cutting-edge games, applications, animation, and artwork.
  2. Glocal
    We pair global and local talent to create products that are both relevant and impactful.
  3. Playgroundwork
    We blur the lines between WORK and PLAY in creating groundbreaking products.
  4. Bizsocial
    Our focus lies beyond the corporate setting. We make sure that both our BUSINESS and SOCIAL responsibilities work hand-in-hand.
  5. Stratnovate
    We create an avenue where STRATEGISTS and INNOVATORS can come together to cook up revolutionary ideas.
  6. One and One is Three
    More than the sum of our parts. When we COME TOGETHER, we go beyond the norm to create something unexpected and unique.

What we do

  • Art Services
  • Game Development
  • VR/AR/MR
  • Business Application
We combine technology and creativity and come up with something greater than the sum of its parts. Whether it’s animation, video games, or virtual reality, we strive to bring the best talents together—both local and abroad. It all culminates in incredible products that amazes both consumer and client. This is Synergy88 Digital.

Awards & Recognition

Our Team

Work and play go hand in hand at Synergy88 Digital. It’s the perfect blend of determination, strategy and whacky improvisation that makes each product so engaging to our audiences.

INNOVlabs is a collaborative production and learning program for promising application development students. It aims to ideate and produce innovative digital products alongside the team of industry professionals at Synergy88 Digital.

Several top tier schools, such as iAcademy and TESDA, have partnered with Synergy88 Digital to pair the company’s experienced professionals with their best and brightest. It has been our pleasure to share our expertise with promising students, allowing them access to incomparable mentorship and real world application.

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