Art Services

Sr. 2D Artist

We are looking for a talented and experienced 2D Artist to help us on our quest to pioneer immersive gaming for everyone. 2D artists are well rounded artists with some direct experience in the industry and are eager to learn and grow.


  • Mentor the team
  • Assist in art direction
  • Able to lead a team / project when needed
  • Work with minimal supervision
  • Will Collaborate with Engineers, Designers, QAs and Producers as needed
  • Will follow tasks and schedules as set by the project lead, directors and managers.
  • Will perform other duties and functions as delegated by management.
  • Provide the Art Director with objective insights and recommendation in evaluation of artist within the project/team


  • Has at least 4 familiar technical skill / discipline (Character, Environment, Storyboarding, UI, Graphic Design, Animation, basic 3D) and with at least 2 strong specialization
  • Capable of handling various art styles and with at least 1 strong specialization
  • Strong understanding in anatomy, perspective and composition.
  • Handle 2D game projects with at least 5 years experience
  • Ability to handle triple A projects
  • Ability to create concept illustration art to help the team with their creative and artistic goals
  • Able to meet the demands and expected output for level 3 (speed, versatility & quality)

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