Who We Are

Synergy88 Digital is a Philippine based digital solutions studio that specializes in digital art, mobile applications, and game development/publishing.

Thanks to our dedicated team of creatives, developers, and professionals, we have continued to grow and flourish since our inception in 2014.

Work and play go hand in hand at Synergy88 Digital—a perfect balance that makes each project so engaging to our audiences.



Combine Elements
to produce total effects

We blend creativity and design to create amazing digital products—works that are greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether it’s animation, video games, or virtual reality, we strive to bring the best talents together. It all culminates in incredible products that amazes both consumer and client. This is Synergy88 Digital.

Art Services

Our 2D and 3D creations attest to our talent, creativity, and attention to every detail. These assets can be easily integrated in interactive environments, whether it be mobile, web, or console video games.

Game Development

We perform both development and publishing for our games, ensuring that we and our clients experience a full development experience from concepts to download and play.

Business Application

We look to improve the day to day of people’s lives with mobile apps and websites that showcase intuitive designs and experiences.

Architecture Visualization



A team of creative individuals

Jackeline Chua
As Managing Director, Jackeline ensures that Synergy88 Digital never loses its focus. She runs a tight ship, which enables our teams to keep on creating its awe-inspiring work.

Bernard Chong
Owner and founder, Bernard is the man behind the scenes, keeping Synergy88 Digital moving forward. His direction has been key for the company’s growth, and will continue to be so as Synergy88 Digital goes headfirst into the future.

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